Collecting BERD

In social sciences in general and business and economics in particular, both the amount and type of data sources have proliferated. Sources of growing importance include unstructured data from social media, corporate reporting, communication of economic and governmental institutions and many more. Unlike with established data sources and common data types, there is a lack of an open, sufficiently documented and continuously improving process to adapt to novel and changing data source environments. Creating transparency of the types of data access and collection approaches will enhance the potential to reuse prior data collection efforts for replication, extension, and application to new research problems. BERD@NFDI aims to establish a process and rules to identify, evaluate and prioritize relevant sources of structured and unstructured data for social science research, particularly research in business and economics. Moreover, we plan to develop and establish processes and rules that enable researchers to evaluate and decide which data they are allowed to share with other researchers and provide the means to do so.


  • Data harvesting from external sources
  • Sharing of data from research projects