BERD@NFDI community involvement

The community of users representing the audience for BERD@NFDI infrastructure plays a key role in this project. We intend to establish a connection with the user community to keep it involved and part of the whole project. This connection enables a more active role of the users, starting from the conception and reaching to the design, implementation, and evaluation of the project. A user-centered design and an agile development methodology are an opportunity for an active and important role of the user community. During the first phase, the user-centered design is used to identify the infrastructure requirements from conception to implementation. The second phase continues to revolve around the user, but this time in a more “push” fashion. Now that infrastructure services are implemented, we will monitor usage activities, determine common patterns and make subtle, unobtrusive suggestions to the user for maximum benefits from the infrastructure usage.


  •  Involving the scientific community and libraries
  •  Methods of user-centered requirements engineering
  •  Dissemination
  •  Measuring impact