Preservation of and Access to BERD

Access to a research data infrastructure and preservation of data provides the means to (re)use services for both human and machine scenarios. The information portal of BERD@NFDI will package all the necessary components in a delivery platform of preservation and access to users. It will provide search functionalities with different levels of granularity, a single sign-on solution in order to enable remote access to the infrastructure, and the persistent identification (PID) as well as migration of resources in BERD@NFDI. The prerequisite for the implementation of these functionalities is the development of a metadata schema that meets the requirements of the heterogeneous data in BERD@NFDI and is compatible with existing standards and approaches.


  • FAIR Metadata Management
  • Search
  • Remote Access and Secure Data Storage
  • Information portal
  • Persistent identifiers
  • Migration Strategy