Re-using BERD

Simply providing a space for data sharing is not enough. We observe two barriers, unsolved by most current research data infrastructure facilities. First, researchers or agencies generating data often face resource or legal constraints when intending to share data. Most researchers (and often even agencies) do not have the time or money to prepare data in a format usable by others. This means they cannot provide support and context for those that are interested in analyzing the data, but are otherwise unfamiliar with the data generating process to do so properly. The convenient solution is to not share data in the first place. Second, even if the data is being shared, it often sits in archives with only a small number of users and little impact on academic insights. This is not because the data is not valuable, but because of insufficient support in understanding and using it, or difficulty in discovering it in the first place. BERD@NFDI aims to address both core barriers by creating an environment that demonstrates the value of sharing to those involved in data production. We will offer tailored training to the central target groups of BERD@NFDI in order to support them in (re)using the relevant data. Moreover, we will create the organizational, legal and technical conditions for potential users of the platform to be able to use the desired services without unnecessary barriers. Finally, we will create tools for automated feedback loops and data export functionalities to ensure maximum dissemination and discoverability of the data provided on BERD@NFDI.


  • Education and Training
  • Data Stewardship services
  • Designing feedback loops: learning from past projects
  • Data export and integration with European Open Science Cloud (EOSC)