Data Science with Python

With Nicolas Heist and Sven Hertling
Online, self-paced

You want to learn Python for Data Science, but don’t find the time to visit synchronous courses regularly?

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Introductory Tutorials

  • Python Introduction
  • Basic Scripting in Pyhton
  • Functions and Packages

Advanced: Data Management and Visualisation

  • Introduction to Pandas
  • Data Exploration in Pandas
  • Visualisation with Matplotlib
  • Advanced Plotting

Advanced: Working with Libraries

  • Numpy/Scipy
  • Working with Web Documents
  • Machine Learning with scikit-learn

About the Instructors

Sven Hertling and Nicolas Heist both work at the University of Mannheim as researchers or scientific staff. While Hertling holds a Master’s degree in Computer Science and primarily researches semantic technologies/semantic web, linked data, and knowledge graphs, Heist’s research interests primarily focuses on Semantic Web technologies, Knowledge Graphs, and Linked Data.