The Public Good Statistics: Let’s Talk About Data Culture!

With Walter Radermacher
Munich, October 1st to 9th 2022

This workshop is part of the series “Statistics for the Public Good – Infrastructure Decision Making, Research and Discourse”, which introduces participants to public statistics as a process in which the design, production and communication of information (statistics) are an integral part. As with other products (architecture, furniture, food, cars, smartphones, etc.), the aim is to optimize the design (form) in relation to the use (function) of the products (“form follows function”).

You will get to know the conditions for evidence-based policy to contribute to shaping the transformation processes that arise in times of crisis and to reducing social conflicts to their minimum. In addition to its function as a common language for public (national and international) discourse, public statistics also serve as a data source and partner for research on individual and social behavior.

Convention Theory (“Économie des Conventions”) will be used as a conceptual guide for the exercises and explorations of statistical terrain.

About the Instructor

Walter J. Radermacher is a Professor of Statistics at LMU Munich. Additionally, he serves as the Advisory Board Chair of the International Statistical Institute (ISI). His research primarily focuses on statistics, sustainable development, governance, ethics, and data analysis. Furthermore, he has experience in public administration at national and European levels, having served as President of the Statistisches Bundesamt, Director-General of the Statistical Office, and Chief Statistician of the European Union.