BERD@NFDI: NFDI for Business, Economic and Related Data

BERD@NFDI is a consortium of high-ranking, internationally acknowledged partners from business studies, economics and related fields, integrating expertise from both research and infrastructure. This open and growing network aims to contribute to the National Research Data Infrastructure (NFDI).

BERD@NFDI proposes to develop, provide and maintain a future-oriented, powerful research data infrastructure which has the potential to raise research data management in business, economics and related fields to a new level of excellence in Germany.

With its focus on the integrated management of unstructured (Big) data and algorithms of artificial intelligence, as well as its clear commitment to openness (e.g. open software, open standards), BERD@NFDI can be considered an important if not even unique mosaic stone to build up the NFDI.