About BERD

BERD@NFDI is an initiative to build a powerful platform for collecting, processing, analyzing, and preserving Business, Economic, and Related Data – all in one place. We will facilitate the integrated management of algorithms and data throughout the whole research cycle, with a special focus on unstructured (big) data such as video, image, audio, text, or mobile data.

BERD@NFDI will provide infrastructures for the challenges of expanded empirical research. We will not only foster community building, offer publicly available and online accessible data sets, and enhance data documentation and preservation guided by the FAIR principles. We will also provide an algorithm repository and benchmarks, computing and storage power to analyze (big) data as well as a broad set of APIs to interact with external systems.

Learn more about us in our BERD@NFDI in a nutshell presentation.

Our Mission

Research Data Management Strategy

Given the increasing relevance of unstructured and semi-structured data in empirical research in business, economics, and related fields, we propose to establish a holistic data management approach. The approach considers data management processes that are based on the UK Data Archive Lifecycle and governed by four major pillars, such as data governance (including data ethics), data integration and interoperability, data quality (including data cleansing, data integrity, data enrichment as well as data quality assurance) and data management infrastructure (including database and storage management).