Business and Economic Research Data Center (BERD@BW)

At BERD, we are building a center of competence for availability, exchange, and analysis of Business, Economic and Related data. In 2019, we started our journey with the project BERD@BW that was funded by the Ministry of Science, Research and the Arts of Baden-Württemberg. Building on BERD@BW, we have been expanding our focus with BERD@NFDI to include the social science perspective and increasingly emphasize unstructured data. BERD@NFDI enables us to continue BERD@BW in the long term and contributes to the sustainable development of a National Research Data Infrastructure (NFDI). Since BERD@NFDI wouldn’t have been possible without BERD@BW, we would like to introduce you to BERD@ BW on this page.

Making fragmented data accessible and linking it

BERD@BW offers a standardized search entry point for research data in business and economics based on a metasearch and a company ontology.

Developing Methods

BERD@BW bundles methodological, content-related and technical expertise for the aggregation and analysis of big data. Methodological experts will advise researchers on how to deal with big data and show how raw data can be processed and turned into reusable research data.

Advising and Informing on Infrastructure

BERD@BW develops a wide range of consulting services with experts providing support on technical and legal issues.

Developing Offers for Education and Training

BERD@BW is developing a series of workshops for PhD students and working professionals. Results obtained within the framework of BERD@BW will be used to convey issues, methods and infrastructures of data-based research.

Establishing and Expanding Cooperations

BERD@BW networks with other actors from the fields of science and infrastructure to promote the interoperability of research data and is involved with the National Research Data Infrastructure (NFDI).

BERD@BW Institutions & Promoters

Developed by University of Mannheim (Mannheim Center for Data Science), Mannheim University Library, University IT Mannheim (UNIT) and ZEW – Leibniz Centre for European Economic Research, BERD@BW is being funded by the Ministry of Science, Research and the Arts of Baden-Württemberg from 2019 to 2022.

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