Data Science with Telecommunication Data

Telecommunication data are ubiquitous today, as almost everyone carries a mobile device in their pocket. This generates huge data trails that provide almost unbiased information about people’s mobility and location. Such data have been used, for example, in the COVID-19 years to assess the impact of non-pharmaceutical interventions on mobility patterns.

The workshop will focus on the analysis of telecommunication data. This includes the pre-processing of massive data, the restructuring of data into mobility data such as flows, or the detection of local clusters, to name just few possible applications.

Under the umbrella of the BERD Academy, the workshop aims to bring together data scientists who work with or on telecommunication data and/or are interested in flow and mobility data to address applied research questions from sociology, economics or related fields. The workshop provides an open forum for current research and new ideas on data analysis.

:spiral_calendar_pad: June 12th 2024
:round_pushpin: LMU Munich