Storage & Computing Resources

If the computing and/or storage capacity of your personal laptop or computer is no longer adequate for your research tasks, the University of Mannheim’s IT department (UNIT) can assist you in accessing the bw infrastructure, which is provided by the state of Baden-Württemberg.

To gain an initial understanding of UNIT’s cloud computing and high-performance computing services, you can refer to the following video, which provides an overview.

For researchers seeking enhanced computing and storage capabilities, the bwCloud is an excellent starting point. It offers a virtual machine that can be tailored to meet individual requirements in terms of processor, RAM, and storage capacity. To register for bwCloud simply use your university user ID. Detailed information about the registration process can be found on the bwCloud website.

For more demanding computational analyses that require parallelization, researchers can utilize one of the high-performance computing (HPC) clusters provided by the state: bwHPC. The bwHPC training platform offers a range of courses, both online and in-person, on HPC within the bwHPC framework.

UNIT will be happy to provide you guidance in selecting and configuring the appropriate solution to meet your specific storage and computing needs.

These services were developed as part of the BERD@BW project, which was funded by the Ministry of Science, Research, and the Arts of Baden-Württemberg from 2019 to 2022.