BERD@NFDI Scholarships for GESIS summer school data science course

With the amount of digital data generated, it becomes more and more compelling for researchers to learn how to make sense of these new data sources. To introduce researchers to the necessary methodological toolkit, GESIS offers an online course on Data Science Techniques for Survey Researchers from August 8 to August 12 in collaboration with BERD@NFDI.

This course aims at participants interested in learning some fundamental techniques in data science, collecting and working with digital data, and understanding machine learning.

Besides the necessary theoretical knowledge, the course will specifically focus on practical hands-on exercises with R. The instructors Prof. Dr. Christoph Kern and Dr. Malte Schierholtz will be available to assist the participants during the practical questions.

We are happy to announce, that participants are eligible to apply for one of six available scholarships funded by BERD@NFDI to waive the 500€ students fee.

More information on how to apply and further course details: GESIS: Data Science Techniques for Survey Researchers.