[IAB-SMART 1] The IAB-SMART Study: Collecting Behavioral Smartphone Sensor Data for Social Research

With Georg-Christoph Haas
Online, June 28th 2023, 12pm noon - 1:30pm CEST

Do you own a smartphone? Probably. Smartphones have become an ubiquitous tool of our daily life, always with us and hard to imagine without. You are probably aware that smartphones collect various kinds of personal information about you, such as geolocations, call and text message log data, and app usage data. While your smartphone collects sensitive data about you, it has an unknown potential for understanding human behavior and society in social sciences. However, to use this data researchers have to design data collections that are in line with the current legal regulation such as, GDPR, transparent as possible and protect the data of participants.

In this webinar, I will give you an overview on how to collect smartphone data ethically and transparently with an Android app. The app we used is called IAB-SMART and collected various sensor data over a period of six months. Besides from showing how to design the recruitment process, I will provide an overview of the data collected and its various hidden error sources along the Total Survey Error Framework (TSE).

This webinar is part of the IAB-SMART Webinar Series with three sessions. To get the whole picture, we recommend participating in the whole series, but the sessions can also be attended individually.